sexta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2013

[Babysims3] Cut-cut cheeks! ~with codes~

Hello guys! Today I'm briging to you the second part of my super-gift! The "cut-cut cheeks" poses! >o<
This may not be a great gift or  very special, but I did it with love and hope you enjoy! But I have bad news: I had some problems with the creator posepack, so then poses are not in a poselist, are only codes .... I hope you do not mind D:

RAR folder contains:
# 2 .packages (poses)
#2 previews
# One .txt file with codes for you use the poses in your game!

Poses avaliable for: Male/Female - YA/Adult ONLY

Hope you like <3
 Download here!

Do NOT re-upload my creations to any another site
without my PERMISSION. If you want to recomend my creations,
please, give the CREDITS and link my blog, I'll be grateful!
Thanks and enjoy :)

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