sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

[BABY SIMS3] Default Natural Circle Lens - EYES N4

Hey my babies! How are you today? Hope you’re be fine! xD
After a tiresome week of school and course of japonese, I decided make my Eyes N4 for you! It’s a simple circle lens default (natural circle lens) and I hope you like it! :3
Avaliable for: Teen/YA/Adult/Elder
Custom Launcher and CAS thumbnail.
You know the rules…:
~ if you want to indicate my creation in your site, please give the credits and link me
~ don’t put the circle lens to non-default
~ have a happy simming! xD 
(/◑ω◐)/ hugs&kisses \(◑ω◐\)

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  1. Hello I was wondering if it was okay if i convert some of your items to Sims 4? I promise I will give you full credits